Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

We support environmental practices to create a livable world due to the depletion of energy resources in the world and the increase in air pollution caused by emissions. We support environmentally friendly practices in order to oppose the loss of the values of the environment we live in. In this direction, the use of bicycles, which is a healthy, fast and fun type of transportation, is in accordance with the concept of sustainable transportation. As a bicycle-friendly business, we support bicycle transportation and culture. We are here to leave a livable world for future generations and we will be even stronger with you.


Safe parking space for your bike, which is constantly monitored by CCTV. Bicycles should not be taken to guest rooms

workshop and technical assistant for repairs and repairs

Bicycle washing area

Laundry service for cycling clothes

The possibility of charging for electric bicycles in the light garage

Turkish therapist on sports massage

Sale of products such as clothing, materials, repair kits, spare parts for cyclists

The possibility of buying energy drinks and energy bars Special breakfast menu / Ready-made food options


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Road Bike Routes 

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Büyük Şelale

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Oymapınar Barajı

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Köprülü Kanyon – Tazı Kanyonu

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Gülen Dağı

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Side – Titreyengöl – Sorgun

Seaden Quality Resort Spa – Side – Sorgun – Küçük Şelale – Türkbeleni – Manavgat

Historical and naturel Beauties

Historical Places

Historical Places Manavgat historical places – google maps,31.3568329,14z/data=!3m1!4b1
  • Antik Town Lyrbe ( Seleukeia)
  • Antik Town Selge
  • Antik City Side
  • Temples of Apollo ve Athena
  • Antik Side Theater/
  • Etenna Ancient City
  • Side Museum
  • Oluk Bridge
  • Aspendos Bridge


Natural Places,31.3568329,14z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=tr
  • Manavgat Waterfall
  • Hidden Paradise Waterfall
  • Manavgat River
  • Titreyengol
  • Lake Oymapinar
  • Aspendos Bridge
  • Gutter Bridge
  • The Cave Of The Lion
  • Altynbeshik Cave
  • Mahrumchali Cave
  • Kopru Canyon
  • Kopurlu Canyon National Park
  • Windhund Canyon


Foreceast Weather

Highway Status 

CalismaYapilanYollar (

Bicycle Repair, Maintenance and Rental Route,31.4345583,13z/data=!3m1!4b1
  • Uysal Bisiklet
  • Ertunç Bisiklet
  • Nur Motor ve Bisiklet
  • Öztürk Bisiklet Tamir
  • Volta Motor Mağazası
  • Manbis Bisiklet Kiralama
  • Erdem Motor

Bicycle Transport

THY ( Turkısh Airlines ) Bicycle 
We fly you to hundreds of destinations around the world. How would you like to continue your journey with your bike that we carry for you after the flight?


Instead of cycling to the area you want to reach, you can only explore a specific location by bike. As a group, transportation service is offered for your bike to the place you request. This service can be provided with a service procurement contract with third parties. For this reason, the transportation service request is realized within the scope of the evaluation. In addition, a professional guide can be provided for your tours and excursions upon request. With guided bike tours, information and guidance can be provided for you to discover the Mediterranean.


You can buy spare parts, repair kits and other materials you may need for your bike without consulting.

To buy Product List 

  • Inner Tube in differtent Sizes
  • tire inflation tube
  • Underseat bike bag
  • Patch Set 
  • Shift brake cable MTB and ROAD
  • Burst Fluid filler
  • Bicycle light front-rear
  • Chain Oil
  • Bicycle lock with key 
  • Repair kitbag 
  • Bottle Cage 
  • Tuning key
  • Cyclist Mini pump
  • Allen penknife repair kit
  • water bottle 
  • Gels

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